1. Sound Machines

    An instrument for performing electronic music. Three units, resembling standard record players, translate concentric visual patterns into control signals.


New Mixes

  1. Sigha - Abstractions I-IV

    Four deep abstract techno cuts from Sigha.

  2. Sendai - Geotope

    Ultra-minimal techno abstractions from Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De May.

  3. Pete Swanson - Man With Potential

    Brutal avant-techno from Yellow Swans frontman Pete Swanson.

  4. Cassegrain - Coptic

    New techno EP on Prologue from Cassegrain.

  5. Shifted - Crossed Paths

    Groundbreaking UK techno from Shifted on his debut album.

  6. Xhin - Sword

    The work of a Singaporean producer issued on a Berlin label run by an Italian, it's fair to say that Sword is coming from the leftfield and doesn't fit neatly into an ordained techno narrative.

  7. Sawlin- Techno Dumping

    Sawlin graces Delsin a full EP premiering his own thick set take on the granular, monolithic strains of European techno.

  8. Lando Kal - Rhythm Sektion

    Lando Kal returns to Hotflush after the label helped his solo breakthrough last year.

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