Sigha - Abstractions I-IV

Artist: Sigha

Label: Hotflush Recordings

Catalogue No: HF 031

Release Date: 20 February, 2012

Genre: Techno

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Given the broad spectrum of Hotflush's output, it's easy to forget Sigha's place on the label's roster, given that his concise productions have always been far more aligned with the concrete Berghain sound than the colourful palette of his labelmates. However, there's a warmth present in his sound that makes his place on the label appropriate, especially on this superb EP. "Something In Between Us" opens with an ambient flourish of warm chords - it's a stark contrast to "Where I Come To Forget" with its solid kick drum and dry percussion, but there's something about Sigha's production that coats everything in a subtle heat, free of the mechanical feel of some of his German peers. "How To Disappear" provides further warmth - rather than cold, hard edges, its hypnotic arpeggio ripples invite you in like a warm spring. Even though "Drown" which follows is a fairly bleak finish with only subtle clicks to carry it forward, it nevertheless envelops you in a blanket of crackly sonics. Highly recommended.


  Artist Track Time
Play Sigha Something In Between Us 02:26
Play Sigha Where I Come To Forget 08:27
Play Sigha How To Disappear 07:03
Play Sigha Drown 06:50

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