Sawlin - Techno Dumping

Artist: Sawlin

Label: Ann Aimee Holland

Catalogue No: ANN 016

Release Date: 9 April, 2012

Genre: Techno

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Former Vault Series alumnus Sawlin was first welcomed into the grainy techno world of Ann Aimee via a singular contribution to the Inertia series of EPs and associated mix by Delta Funktionen. The bond is strengthened further here as Sawlin graces the Delsin offshoot with Techno Dumping, a full EP premiering his own thick set take on the granular, monolithic strains of European techno. Proceedings commence in the deepest place thanks to "Boring Feels" with vast swathes of lurching bottom end attempting to slowly consume the brittle percussive rhythms. This subtlety is cast aside by the title track, a brooding punch of a groove relentlessly accruing rhythmic menace as it rumbles forward with nightmarish glee. This overwhelming momentum is carried over to the two heaving slabs of wronged up machine funk that burst from the B Side grooves , with "Datamen Working" showing Blawan style rhythmic precision amidst the billowing clouds of muffled textures and reverberant vocals. "Neid Auf Vacuum" signals a downturn in the intensity stakes with Sawlin choosing to close this impressive EP on more melodic terms.


  Artist Track Time
Play Sawlin Boring Feels 05:36
Play Sawlin Techno Dumping 06:24
Play Sawlin Datamen Working 06:40
Play Sawlin Neid Auf Vacuum 06:17

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