1. Clark - Iradelphic

    IDM veteran Chris Clark explores softer, more downtempo sounds on his new album for Warp, Iradelphic.


New Mixes

  1. The Host - The Host

    Barry Lynn, also known as Boxcutter, explores retro IDM sounds as The Host.

  2. Resonate Festival Features Alva Noto

    The first year of the Resonate Festival will take place later this month in Belgrade.

  3. Laurel Halo - Hour Logic

    Laurel Halo with a new release on the Hippos in Tanks label.

  4. Monolake - Ghosts

    Minimal takes on IDM, techno and drum and bass by Ableton creator Monolake.

  5. Mr. 76ix - Experiment Four

    Highly detailed IDM styles on this latest from Mr. 76ix on Skam.

  6. Black To Comm - Earth

    Mind-bending drone and ambient sounds from Black To Comm.

  7. Blood Stereo - Your Snakelike King

    Dark drone and field recordings from Blood Stereo on PAN.

  8. Bullion - Say Arr Ee

    Innovative new sound for 2012 from Bullion.

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