1. Mr. Oizo - Stade 2

    A new album of twisted electro from the one and only Mr. Oizo.


New Mixes

  1. Freefarm

    A documentary on sound artist Simon Pyke.

  2. Autechre - Legofeet

    Autechre's very first release under the name Lego Feet.

  3. Tropic of Cancer - The Sorrow of Two Blooms

    Dark, abstract new wave from Tropic of Cancer.

  4. Kodiak - Spreo Superbus

    Wild dubstep/electro fusions on this new Numbers EP.

  5. Clatterbox - Desolate Void

    Electro veteran Clatterbox releases a new EP.

  6. Grimes - Vision

    Electro pop musician Grimes delivers a new album.

  7. Steve Hauschildt - Tragedy and Geometry

    Steve Hauschildt explores new age electronic sounds on his debut solo album.

  8. Sam Walton - Walton

    Laid-back, modern electro styles from Walton.

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