Boxcutter, AKA Irish musician Barry Lynn, foreshadowed the inventiveness that would emerge from the UK bass scene with his Brood EP back in 2005.

Drawing from strands of dubstep, IDM and drum n bass, it was a more eclectic approach than many of his contemporaries on Hot Flush Recordings. Shortly thereafter, Lynn was signed to Planet Mu Records, perhaps a perfect home for his experimental, fusion-minded sound.

One of dubstep's most original and talented musicians, Boxcutter's early work was a sign of the creativity and diversity that would eventually emerge from the UK bass music scene.

2009's Arecibo Message would take this approach into even more eclectic waters, taking in pop-locking electro, melodic house, and straight up-old school rave. Most recently, Lynn has cofounded up his own label, with early releases showing the same visionary eclecticism of his own work, moving more into house and electronic disco realms.

2006's Oneiric drew some the sound of dark, heavy dubstep in its opening tracks, but also displayed a keen sense of rave/ drum n bass production tactics, with cuts like the hypnotic, MC-led "Bad You Do" recalling classic ragga breakbeat, and "Sunshine V.I.P." and "Silver Birch Solstice" taking the sound into euphoric melodic territory.

It was an impressive debut, but Lynn would up the stakes considerably with his second album, Glyphic. Starting with a clutch of tracks that redefined dubstep's bass manouevres in a more meandering, organic form closer to the original dub sound, Glyphic progressed with tracks like "Rusty Break," bringing to mind the spine-tingling drum n bass of 90s artists like LTJ Bukem at their best. Throughout, Lynn showed an eagerness to invest modern experimental electronic structures such as dubstep and IDM with a live-sounding, jazzy approach, with impressive results.


  1. Philly Boxcutter

  2. Oneiric Boxcutter

  3. Brood / Sunshine Boxcutter

  4. Tauhid Boxcutter

  5. Allele Boxcutter

  6. Moon Pupils Boxcutter

  7. Arecibo Message Boxcutter

  8. Glyphic Boxcutter

  9. The Dissolve Boxcutter



  1. Kinnego Exclusive Mix Boxcutter