Andrew Weatherall

One of the few in the electronic music scene who is as equally well known for his DJing, production skills and his original music, Andrew Weatherall is a true veteran of the UK rave scene.

After starting the popular UK fanzine Boy's Own, Weatherall's DJ career began after he was invited to play at Danny Rampling's club Shoom. Before long, he became well-known as a DJ, playing acid house along with early trance and dub-influenced tunes. Around the same time, he started his own record label, Boys Own Recordings, which would become the home of early dance-pop artists like One Dove.

Weatherall's first recording work largely consisted of remixes for rock bands such as the Happy Mondays, New Order, Primal Scream (who he would also produce) and the pop group Saint Etienne.

In 1992, he left Boys Own, which changed its name to Junior Boy's Own, and formed the group The Sabres of Paradise, starting a record label under the same name. Sabres of Paradise released some seminal records of the early rave scene, including "Smokebelch" and the dub-sampling "Wilmot."

Weatherall's early studio work consisted largely of remixes for rock bands, including the Happy Mondays, New Order, Primal Scream and Saint Etienne.

Later, Weatherall would form a new group with Keith Tenniswood called Two Lone Swordsmen, releasing their music through Warp Records. Pursuing a more electro-oriented sound, Two Lone Swordsmen released a number of acclaimed EPs and albums.

Since then, Weatherall's stature as a DJ has grown considerably. He has released compilations highlighting musical scenes as diverse as tech house and early 80s punk funk. Most recently he produced the album "Tarot Sport" for indie rock band Fuck Buttons.


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